3rd Single 'Alibi' Released 24th Aug 23

Here we go!!!🤘 Newzerror's 3rd Single ALIBI!💥 We were not expecting this video to be ready...today's release was planned as audio only HOWEVER the master Baz Mantis smashed it out this week and surprised us last night with it! 🔥 This was only recorded on Sunday so that's impressive! HUGE thanks Baz you have outdone yourself with the videography and production its metal as! 🤘🤘
Massive thanks to Spookers Haunted Attractions for letting us record this video at your amazing premises, and Lindsay and Brenny for your awesome hospitality! If you haven't been to Spookers yet guys then go check it out this place is unreal! 👿
To all you kiwi's out there who stood strong and proud, showed mana, didn't give in, backed yourself, stayed true to yourself, took a hit and lost so much, suffered but kept going, you are all beautiful humans....this song is for you! ❤️

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