Thank you for coming along to our live album release show 🖤🤘🎶

@followers THANK YOU so much everyone who came along to our album release at TOTARA STREET last night!!! WOW what a night!!!! We had such a good time you guys were the best crowd it was so cool to see peeps wearing our merch and singing along to our songs just friggin good shit THANKS a tonne to you all supporting us and all of the bands last night!!!
Massive thanks to The Grand Bazaar Rise The Wicked CommoN ThreaT for being there with us and delivering solid sets you are all top of your game and damn we had a good time hanging out withyas!!! love you all!!!
Cannot thank this man enough the absolute legend Jody Wakeman who delivered a top sound for all the bands, its not the easiest trying to sound check 4 bands in a short timeframe, with instrument, mic and drum changes throughout the night and you our brother are the man and smashed it out the park!!! Thanks to Sol who did a stellar job on lights, huge thanks to Aaron, Shane, Bev and Gerald capturing pics and video cannot wait to see more from this night! MASSIVE thanks to Aaron for this image and the others you've sent through really appreciate you all for capturing the moment and the memories! thanks to the beautiful Susa on merch and for all of you who purchased our merch and merch from all the bands! Thanks to Totara St - Jay and Ross and all the staff what a top venue!! Stellar night we had a the BEST time thanks to you all!!! Till next time! 🖤🤘🎶💥🤘🔥🤘

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