NEWZERROR offer a unique sound with elements of both Melodic and Industrial Metal.

Welcome to the dystopian soundscape of Newzerror, where the raw power of industrial metal collides with the haunting melodies of a phenomenal female vocalist, Dee. This New Zealand band, founded by the enigmatic multi-instrumentalist Rixter, is on a path to shake the world's very foundation with their electrifying performances and innovative sonic alchemy.

Formed in 2021, their debut Single 'You' was released 11/11/22, 2nd Single 'Hold On' released 20/04/23, and their 3rd Single 'Alibi' released 24/08/23. With much anticipation Newzerror has now released their debut album 'Behind the Mask' 28/09/23 receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. 

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Somehow creating musical space while entirely filling up the void, Newzerror’s debut single achieves that wall of sound all good metal bands must strive for.” - Review by River Tucker


Newzerror has the goods to give you the true sweaty mosh-pit experience while delivering songs with depth, melody and heavy, heavy cojones. You like good metal? Follow Newzerror. I’m going to be. This is a twelve out of ten.” - Jack Grabham


Rock fans pay attention! This band, Newzerror, really means to take this scene by the stones and shake it until it screams. New single Alibi, together with its promo video, has just been dropped and oooooo yes, says me!” - Jack Grabham


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